About Me

At the time I created this blog, the goal was to document how I was gaining experience outside of the workplace to become more of a well-rounded designer. I turned my part time hobbies of furniture restoration and home remodeling into a photo-documented journal.  

Design is so much more than how a product looks or feels. Design is the process of seeing and documenting a problem or situation, exploring possible solutions, and enacting the physical changes that will best address the problem from every possible angle. 

I’m no longer directly working in the design field, but those years of design education and work haven’t left me. I’ve transitioned that creative approach to problem solving into my current field of community development and downtown revitalization.

Becoming an American Craftsman

Not the house, but me. Yes, the  home I purchased is Craftsman period and Bungalow in style. But this title doesn’t actually describe my home as much as it describes me. My goal is that through this home renovation I hone my skills in construction, gain a more hands-on appreciation for historic preservation, become an expert in detailed home repair and tackle more advanced furniture building and refinishing. And I’ll use this blog to document each step as I learn and master one skill after another.

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