Life List

This is my bucket list. We all have one, whether or not it is typed up or written down. Although when I go, kicking a bucket will not suffice. Let me bang some pots and pans, and somebody organize a parade. I’ve always been a list maker, so it only makes sense to have a Life Dreams List. I’ve made a “before I graduate high school” list. And then there was the “before I graduate college” list. And since I don’t know when I will go back into the educational system, I guess now it is a “before I graduate Life” list. So this list is things I want to do before it is too late. I’ve had the incredible opportunity to go, see, and do a few amazing things in my short life so far, so some are already crossed off or are ‘to do again.’ Some are short and relatively simple, others are long term goals that will take years to work toward accomplishing. My list is purposeful, meaningful, and some are challenging. And I hope that some of these items create a legacy that last longer than a lifetime.

  1. Kayak down (or up?) a major river
  2. Travel back to Italy to visit Florence and Venice to retake favorite photographs in the same spot
  3. Learn to speak fluent German (I studied this 4 year in high school, but who remembers that?)
  4. Fall in love (so many life goals should be accomplished as a pair)
  5. Take gourmet cooking classes
  6. Start my own small business
  7. Roadtrip to the Grand Canyon
  8. Learn to like whiskey
    Somewhere in 2015 it happened. It might be due to my 3rd year attending Dublin Irish Fest, a late night at a friend’s lake cottage sampling a half dozen bottles, or perhaps just the insistence from some great friends. But I bought myself a bottle of whiskey for Christmas. And I find myself ordering either whiskey or bourbon on a regular basis if I’m at the bar.
  9. Pay off my student loan debt
  10. Publish a book
  11. Take photography classes
  12. Own and live in my dream house
  13. Sleep on the beach
  14. Raise a family
  15. Invent a new and useful tool, gadget, or program
  16. Visit and photograph ancient Egypt
  17. Take dancing lessons
  18. Become a bicycle enthusiast
  19. Jump off of a cliff into the ocean
  20. Name my house, like in the old days when all estates had names
    2014, when I bought my Humble Bungalow. Maybe it’s not “estate” worthy, but it fits the house.
  21. Visit all 50 States
  22. Write a song & perform it in public
  23. Scuba dive at a coral reef or ship wreck
  24. Attend Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  25. Visit a rain forest
  26. Learn to play chess (all the cool old men do this)
  27. Keep bees and harvest honey
  28. Restore a stained glass window
  29. Grow an enormous vegetable garden
  30. Watch all the movies on the American Film Institute’s Top 100 list
  31. Become an early morning person
  32. Earn my Master’s Degree
  33. Live off the grid
  34. Play the lead role in a community theater production
  35. Teach a college course
  36. Swim with dolphins
  37. Own a grand piano
  38. Build an outdoor fireplace
  39. Grow a bonsai tree
  40. See a Broadway performance (in New York, a traveling show doesn’t count)
  41. Spend an entire day eating Italian food and watching favorite movies
  42. Throw an awesome Halloween costume party
  43. Take my family to Disney World (or Land)
  44. Become a regular volunteer with a non-profit organization
  45. Vacation again in Southern Germany (Bavaria)
  1. #1 by Laura Rice on July 9, 2014 - 9:40 PM


    This is a great bucket list and an inspiring one, nonetheless. I actually have an opportunity for you to cross off number 2 (maybe even #1). I will be going to Ireland in September for a wedding. I will be there for a week, SO plenty of time to go to Italy and possibly the chance to kayak (I saw an add for Kayaking in Ireland). If you are up for some spontaneity, email me ASAP!

    Your friend,

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