And the Blog Begins

This blog is several weeks in the researching.  I am by nature a researcher; finding the least expensive, the most options, the highest reviews, and of course studying examples, examples, and more examples.  After applying this principle to everything from a new vacuum cleaner to automobile air freshener, I went out after a blogging website.  I actually signed up for several to experiment with their layouts, user interface, choice of options, full pricing guidelines, and so on.  Finally, however, I decided upon WordPress and so far am not disappointed.  There are just a few things I have yet to tweak, but I think I can figure it out soon.  Now I just have to close all the other blog accounts I created in the process of beginning this one.

Several of the blogs I have stumbled upon and will be using as inspiration have been the result of filling ones time when looking for employment.  Not this one.  I have never wanted to take on more projects  at one time.  This blog is the result of wanting to share the fun and frustration, and finally the sense of accomplishment, of each project as I tackle it one stage at a time.  This won’t merely be a before and after blog; this will be a before, during, uh, oh shoot!, redoing, and (hopefully successful) after blog.

So what to expect.  First and foremost expect my quirky insights on life, hard work, values, job hunting, and growing up.  Expect quite a bit of humor and subtle, sometimes hard to catch, sarcasm.  But most of all, expect projects of all sorts and DIY adventures in this transition stage, called job hunting, that falls between University Student and Design Professional.  However long this stage lasts.


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