Bloggers Block?

Let me put any fears to rest.  I haven’t necessarily been taking a break from blogging, I have just had a lot on my to do list which fell outside of blogging material.

Firstly, my tag-line now needs clarification.  For the past month, this blog has actually been “the adventures of an employed designer.”  Not as a designer, but employed which is quite important.  After a few phone calls and an interview, I undertook the role of Communications Assistant at a local family-owned company.  Although a temp position, the internship atmosphere of the work has allowed for growth, learning and confidence building.  The people I work with each week continue to make the experience extremely enjoyable as well.

You will remember from my post on removing woodwork, which you can read here, that for the past few months I have been living in a house with entirely exposed window frames.  After four house calls from the local lumberyard to measure, re-measure, double and triple check our rough window openings (I had to respect and admire his attention to detail and accuracy) our windows were ordered and arrived just before Christmas.

After a short trip to a nearby home store, I now have wood shims, fiberglass insulation and self-adhesive window wrap to begin installing the windows.

To help remove the old windows, I went ahead and purchased a reciprocating saw so I wouldn’t have to borrow my grandfather’s once again.  With 15 windows to remove, I felt it was time to have one of my own.  I purchased one of the more inexpensive models, but the same brand as my random orbital sander which I have used heavily for several years.  Not exactly contractors grade, but definitely DIY approved.

The weather forecasters are predicting a warm-up this weekend.  I’m forecasting a utility room window replacing adventure.  Stay tuned for updates.


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