To Dream

Everyone has a dream job, and I know mine. It would be owning and operating an architectural salvage yard. But not so much a yard, more like inside a building. It would be part antique mall, part furniture store, contain items from deconstructed buildings, and offer furniture restoration and modification services. We would offer to disassemble doomed houses and buildings rather than see them bulldozed and land-filled for eternity, and in turn sell the salvageable building materials for new construction or renovation. But since I am only scheming dreaming at this point, I thought I would post photos of Etsy treasures I like that would be similar to items sold in my enormous warehouse of cool things store.

These vintage drawer pulls would look sweet on a refinished chest of drawers or old apothecary cabinet.  Customers in my store would find these in the Hardware aisle.

Without a doubt we would have an aisle for those great big heavy antique wooden doors which have so quickly been replaced by fiberglass and steel. We would offer services like fitting a leaded glass window into the opening, as well as fitting a new weather-tight frame around the door so that it would be ready to install in your house.

In the Small Storage aisle, you would find interesting little drawers and cabinets of all sizes and materials. This one in rustic green would look great on your kitchen counter as a recipe card holder. Keep it as is or spray paint it something bold to make it a standout piece.

Since you can’t always find great wooden dining chairs in matching sets, although I got lucky at this particular auction, we would have a great selection of mismatched chairs for you to assemble into a dining set. We could either stain them all a dark chocolate brown or paint them obnoxious colors for that bohemian vibe (Monica’s apartment on Friends?).

There would be more architectural items than we could know what to do with. Like this wooden gem, probably an enormous newel post topper or something of the sort.

And then the light fixtures. Indoor, outdoor, ceiling and wall; every design style you could name, we would have an authentic light fixture (or two) from that period.

So much for dreaming. Back to the day job. But if you stumble upon this blog, say, 20 years from now, perhaps it will be the website of my own architectural salvage company.

Note: I haven’t been compensated to highlight the above items listed for sale on Etsy, I just enjoy sharing some the unique finds and treasures that I see while browsing the thousands of items for sale.

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