Operation Office: Progress

It has been a few weeks now since I have acquired the title freelance designer, and I am getting to like the sound of it. I first mentioned that I had taken on a freelance client in this post over a month ago, but I didn’t reveal the client or explain the project until this post a few weeks ago. In that amount of time, so much has happened. The space is the entrance, lobby and public restroom of a local chiropractic office. The chiropractors and staff had me take a look at their space and see what could be done to make it look and feel more welcoming for patients. Here is a basic floor plan of the space.

The door in the bottom left corner is the entrance from outside. Upon walking through the door, patients are greeted by this view.

Now for the progress photos. Since revealing my rendered floor plan and design board for the space (which you can see in this post), the painting contractor has been in and out, and now the flooring contractor is at his work. In fact, he was preparing to lay the new carpet just as I was taking these progress photos.

Please ignore the yellow floor; that’s just the plywood sub-floor with what remains of the old carpet glue. I cannot wait to see the room with the new carpet installed, it’s going to be a huge transformation!

The furniture has been ordered, a few pieces have already arrived, and they will be taking their place in the new room as they arrive. The window blinds will be picked up this week along with a few floor plants and decorative pieces to help make the room feel friendly. It won’t be too much longer before we have a proper reveal of the whole space! I know the doctors and staff are excited with the new look and eager to see the finishing touches!

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