All That Glass

My window replacing adventure took several months, and as each new window was installed the old window from the house took its place in the garage. So once all the new windows were snuggled tightly into the walls, the old windows were a dusty heap in my garage, taking up valuable space which I like to use for refinishing/repairing furniture. I blogged in this post a while back about a company just an hour away from Van Wert that actually recycles all types of glass, including window glass. The grand plan was to disassemble the windows, which would not have been difficult because they were nearly falling apart anyways, and haul the glass to Upper Sandusky to be recycled. When the weather hit 90 degrees, I quickly became reluctant to spend my weekends removing the glass in my 200 degree garage. So I posted an ad on Craigslist. And guess what? A guy came and said he wanted all of the windows, storm windows included! It turned out that he is a local artist that likes to paint on glass. He likes to use reclaimed materials, mostly glass and spray paint, and creates awesome looking space and sci-fi artwork. Here are just a few of his more recent pieces of art, gleaned from his Facebook page.

In whole, reusing a material is so many times more sustainable than recycling. The energy used to transport and re-manufacture that material is saved if the product can just be reused another way. So no glass recycling in my future, but all the same, I am thrilled that someone else will get use and enjoyment out of those old windows.

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