Wordless Wednesday – Or Not


No, not really. Anyone who knows me knows that I am never without words.

This photo shows all of the lath boards nearly completely removed. In the last post, I was contemplating whether or not to tear them off. The biggest concern I found was that the studs might not be level along the wall, which would not result in square corners or flat walls. If the walls were simply going to be painted drywall, this wouldn’t be a noticeable issue. However, both around the shower and remaining bathroom walls I plan to use white subway tile to chair rail height. I was afraid that if the walls were not flat, the tile installation would either not go as planned, or the result would be less than professional.

“If you’re going to do it, do it right.”

So I spent about 4 hours tonight finishing to remove all of the lath boards. Now a large metal level held up against the studs will help me determine if the corners are square and if the wall surface is flat and ready for wall board. If they are not, I will shim up the wall studs like I did the floor joists.

For the tile portion of the walls, I plan to use greenboard. It is the product most recommended for bathroom applications. It’s not water proof as a lot of people think, but it is more resistant to moisture than traditional gypsum board or drywall, and it is a ready surface for accepting thin set (mortar) and tile. Above the tile line, I will use traditional drywall. Mudding the seams and corners will be a brand new learning experience for me, but I’m still a little while from that point.

This coming weekend I have two friends (one is a licensed electrician) coming to help me wire the bathroom and re-wire the laundry area. It is nice to know people who have the right tools and the pro-knowledge in each area of home renovation. I drew a simple electric plan and they sent me back a shopping list so that I am ready Saturday. What could be easier?

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  1. #1 by Archon's Den on June 19, 2014 - 1:38 AM

    It’s sad that historic lath and plaster has to be ripped out and replaced with drywall, but, it doesn’t last forever. This photo reminded me of the home I was born in. 😦

  2. #2 by Adam A. Ries on June 25, 2014 - 10:28 PM

    Thanks for your comment, I hope it was good memories that this photo brought to mind. I was sad to tear out the plaster walls in this room also, but it was the most appropriate way to ready the walls for new tile while also saving time running the new plumbing and electrical. Fortunately, I don’t plan to tear down the plaster walls in any other rooms. I did save the plaster ceiling, it is tight to the lath and in great shape; just needs scraped and repainted!

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