You’re Invited!

That title is actually referring to two events. Allow me a medium length post to explain.

Summer has unofficially began. As I sit here writing this post, my back and shoulder are aching from replacing two very large windows this past Memorial Day weekend. But, on a celebratory note, those very large windows were the very last two left to replace! (Click here to read about how we measured for and chose new windows or click on this link to read about how time consuming they were to install.) After 6 rolls of self adhesive window wrap, 19 tubes of silicon caulk, and more broken shingles than I know what to do with, all of the windows are finished. On the outside, that is. As you can read here, each of the windows had mis-matched woodwork on the inside so we removed it all. But replacing that will be an ongoing project on days when I can’t work outside on anything else. Now what about this invitation?

With the windows installed and those warm summer days in our grasp, it is time to begin thinking about painting the house. As was common with small homes built in the decade following the end of WWII, our home is shingled with tall cedar shakes as you can see in these “before” and “current” pictures of the house.

Before: How the house looked last summer.

Current: How the house looks now.

As we had to blend new shingles with old shingles around the new windows, the house is needing a consistent color scheme. A previous owner painted the shingles probably 15 or so years ago to a pale cream color. A safe color, but not at all dramatic. Homes built in this style would have originally been natural cedar brown or bright pastel in color (as some of our neighbor’s homes still are – dark brown, reddish brown, blue-gray, grass-green, pinky-peach, sunshine yellow, etc). We are starting to see the paint they used was not a high quality product as it has faded badly in some areas and is beginning to peel in others. So this past weekend we hit the local Sherwin-Williams store to begin our color scheme search. That is how this post title ties in. We have decided on two color schemes we all seem to like; one is a bit safe while the other makes a bolder statement. Both will vastly improve the look of the home and add some much needed curb appeal while protecting the cedar shingles from the weather. So you are invited to vote in the poll below as to which color scheme you like better! And later in the summer, feel free to join us for a painting party – BYOB (bring your own brush)!

Here are the two photographs (both from Sherwin-Williams exterior color schemes books) of color schemes we like with a breakdown of the colors for each.

Color Scheme One:

This house is the epitome of traditional suburbia today. Greige on greige on greige. With a traditional color door. With this color scheme as inspiration, our colors would be:

Main house color (shingles). Tony Taupe, #7038, by Sherwin-Williams.

Secondary house color (gables). Accessible Beige, #7036, by Sherwin-Williams.

Shutters (which we will have to purchase and paint). Van Dyke Brown, #7041, by Sherwin-Williams.

Front door (and side door). Arresting Auburn, #6034, by Sherwin-Williams.

Now, onto Color Scheme Two:

Taken almost color for color out of another color scheme book, it has much more punch and personality. I added a slightly lighter color for contrast at the gables and a bolder door color. This color scheme looks so much better in the photograph, I don’t think computer screens represent the mushroom color very well).

Main house color (shingles). Portabello, #6102, by Sherwin-Williams.

Secondary house color (gables). Sands of Time, #6101, by Sherwin-Williams.

Shingles (which we would purchase and then paint). Urbane Bronze. #7048, by Sherwin-Williams.

Front Door (and side door). Fireweed, #6328, by Sherwin-Williams.

So there you have it. The two color schemes we are debating. And by debating, I mean we think we already know which one we like best, but aren’t rushing into this. We purchased Color to Go samples from the store this past weekend, and will be trying out swatches on the outside of the house sometime soon (that is if the rain holds off. We had over 9″ of rain during the month of May).

Remember to vote in the poll, leave a comment, and get those paint brushes ready for an old fashioned paintin’ party sometime between June/July!

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